Community Transport Waltham Forest

Community Transport Waltham Forest were delighted to receive £500 towards our Christmas excursions programme in 2013. The money went towards a series of trips to Central London to see the Christmas Lights. Many of our excursion club members had not been to central London for many years either through mobility or health problems. The group atmosphere added to the Festive cheer as individuals were able to meet others, share stories and enjoy and evening out and about. Please see below for a snapshot of comments received from our service users.
  • Thanks for these trips as some people are very lonely indoors. Also help us to be motivated and bring joy and fellowship with each other. I am feeling so much better since joining...
  • Very happy with the trips drivers very helpful had lovely time.
  • I think you are doing a good service and hope to join you this year. Many thanks.
  • It was my first time with the club was very happy everyone was so nice hope to go again. Staff was wonderful.
  • Was very pleased & enjoyed it very much & it was a very good driver & helped my friend a lot as she cannot get on ordinary coaches so the lift was excellent.

Carefree Kids

The funding we have received from Cygnus Trust has made a big difference to the work of Carefree Kids over the years. It has meant we have been able to purchase vital equipment and materials which are very much needed for our therapeutic play work with local children in need of emotional support. A high proportion of children we work with develop greater confidence and coping skills and achieve better attainment at school. As a result it is hoped that their time with Carefree Kids will help them not only through their school years but also in their future economic prospects.

Sally's Kitchen

When we started Sally's Kitchen we had very limited cooking equipment. Our Cygnus grant allowed us to purchase appropriate pots and pans, and made the whole endeavour a whole lot easier and more efficient. It is fair to say that Cygnus made a major contribution to our subsequent success, for which we are forever grateful

British Fencing

British Fencing and Maslaha are delighted to have received funding from the Cygnus Trust to support the delivery of the Muslim Girls Fence project in East London. The funds will enable us to continue to deliver and develop the project across new schools in Walthamstow, allowing the girls to not only fence on a regular basis, but to create a platform to explore issues around identity, freedom of speech, feminism and discrimination that there will often not be space or expertise to discuss during the course of everyday lessons.

Leytonstone Festival

Everyone at Leytonstone Festival is extremely grateful for the support we have had from Cygnus Trust. Without their help in 2015 the Festival would have been in real danger of being unable to continue. It is wonderful to have a charity that helps small local groups this way.


CHAOS are most grateful to the Cygnus Trust for their generous donations. These donations enable us to continue to provide camping holidays for local disadvantaged children.
We try to do 3 separate camps during the summer, dependant on funds. Each year the camping holidays, if we do 3, cost in excess of £20,000. CHAOS is an entirely voluntary organisation and all fundraising is done by our volunteers, so any money from charities like the Cygnus Trust are most welcome!

Power Up

Power Up train young people in fitness whilst also mentoring them about healthy living and healthy lifestyle choices, we have many successful stories of young people who have attended Power Up sessions and gone on into training and employment.
The funding that Cygnus Trust gave us was for the equipment that enabled us to go out into the community to events including school fetes, Leytonstone Festival and the 'Give It A Go' event at the Copperbox, Olympic Park and engage young people and let them try out the equipment. We are extremely grateful for the support of Cygnus Trust

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